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About Ayush Longevity

Established in 2015, AYUSH-LONGEVITY is a pioneering education institute in Sri Lanka, offering courses in Ayurveda, Ceylon Aesthetic Beauty Education, and Massage Training. We fill knowledge gaps in the beauty industry, transforming students into proficient Beauty Coaches. Our tailored curriculum covers skin analysis, product selection, nutrition, and yoga for beauty. Graduates excel, attracting rewards and success. Join us to unlock the secrets of beauty and thrive in your career.

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Accreditation and Global Partnerships

Ayush Longevity holds TVEC certification, ensuring adherence to Sri Lanka’s tertiary education standards. Recognized as the Best Education Institute for Indigenous Education 2023, it collaborates internationally with institutions like IAA, DMIHER, Subharti University in India, and ITM in Thailand, providing students opportunities for knowledge enhancement and practical experience beyond borders.
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Why Learn With Our Courses

Unlocking Ayurvedic Secrets, Enhance Your Well-being with Ancient Practices

Comprehensive Understanding

Our courses offer a comprehensive understanding of Ayurveda, covering unique lifestyle practices for disease prevention and medication when required. Students learn various healing methods, including Ayurvedic massage techniques, beauty culture, food and nutrition, and yoga for health and beauty.

Ancient Wisdom

With origins dating back thousands of years, our courses delve into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, tracing its roots to Pulathisi Rishi in Ceylon around 17,500 years ago. Students gain insights into authentic healing systems derived from herbs and natural ingredients, as well as the philosophies that have influenced other natural healing methods.

Holistic Approach

Our courses emphasize the holistic approach of Ayurveda, focusing on detoxification of the skin and body, as well as improving digestion. Through hands-on learning and theoretical knowledge, students gain practical skills to enhance personal health and well-being.

Practical Application

By enrolling in our courses, students not only acquire theoretical knowledge but also learn practical applications of Ayurvedic principles. Whether it’s through massage techniques, beauty treatments, dietary changes, or yoga practices, our courses empower individuals to integrate Ayurveda into their daily lives for improved health and vitality.

Our Courses

Explore our courses and delve into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, offering holistic solutions for wellness and beauty enhancement.

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Join AYUSH-LONGEVITY, the pioneering institute offering comprehensive courses in Ayurveda, Ceylon Aesthetic Beauty Education, and Massage training.